Replacing Outdated Glass

Tips For Installing A Glass Backsplash In The Kitchen

If you have a kitchen in your home, you likely want to make sure that it looks as good as possible. You might find a glass backsplash to be very aesthetically appealing. Here are some tips for installing one yourself. 

1. Clean the Area

First, wipe down the area where the backsplash is going to go. You want the area to be free of grease and grime so that the mortar adheres without issue.

2. Mix the Mortar

Next, mix the mortar. Follow the instructions or wing it. You can take a buck of water and fill it up halfway. Then, mix in the dry mortar a handful at a time. Keep going until the mortar and water have achieved about the same texture and thickness of creamy peanut butter. Once you have the right texture and thickness, wait between 8 and 15 minutes for the mortar to set slightly. This will make it easier to apply and adhere better.

3. Apply the Mortar

Next, apply the mortar. You should be able to use a 1/8 inch trowel to a 3/16 inch trowel to apply the mortar and get the perfect depth. Apply the mortar in thin, little strokes. Carefully do this until one to four square feet have been covered, depending on how fast you work. If you work really fast at laying glass tile, you can apply up to the four square feet. If you are slower or inexperienced, only apply a square foot to two square feet. This is due to the fact that the mortar will be unworkable in less than an hour of being applied.

4. Apply the Tiles

Finally, start applying the tiles. Use a 1/8 inch spacer between each tile to make sure that you are keeping them as even as possible. Use a straightedge to make sure that your lines are perfectly straight. Once you have applied the tiles to the area that you have covered with mortar, start applying mortar to another area. Allow the original spot to dry and then remove the spacers. Keep going until the entire backsplash has been applied.

For more information or for assistance, contact a company that specializes in glass installation. They will be able to advise you if you need special glass around the stove or if the glass you have will not warp in the heat. You can also contract them to do the job themselves if you don't want to take the time.