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Creating A Kids' Bathroom: Three Ideas To Consider

If you are considering converting a regular bathroom into a space designated just for your little ones, there are a few renovation ideas you might want to think about when planning this project. From fun to practical, these ideas can help to make this room look and feel more like their own.

Shower Doors

Adding a sliding shower door to your bathtub can help to prevent splashes and messes that traditional shower curtains can't necessarily contain, and they also give you a handy way to monitor your children as they play in the tub. You can make the shower door more fun by adding shower stickers to the surface. Some ideas for stickers might include whimsical animals or beloved cartoon characters. Window clings placed on the outside of the shower door can make it easy to switch out the decorations on a regular basis.

Lowered Vanities And Racks

Traditional vanities and shower racks are typically placed at a height that young children can't reach. Consider switching out the vanity in the bathroom with a model that features a lower counter, and shift towel racks on the wall to lower positions as well. This will prevent your children from having to use step stools when they wash and dry their hands, brush their teeth, or perform other grooming tasks. Be sure that the handles for sinks are close enough for your children to reach, and look for a faucet that extends further over the sink for easier access as well.

Colored Tubs And Sinks

Instead of the traditional white tub and sink, consider going for a bright color to make the room even more welcoming. You can have your contractor refinish your existing tub and sink in the new color so you don't have to replace these items completely. You can opt for primary colors to bring a bright look to the room, and think about adding tiles to the walls that coordinate with the new tub and sink colors. For an even more unique look, consider choosing a different color for each sink in the bathroom. You can then designate one sink for each child based on color to help give them a sense of ownership in the room.

Work with your contractor, such as Mitchell's Glass & Mirror, to find the right additions to your children's bathroom. Once the project is complete, you can look for exciting ways to decorate, such as plush floor rugs and colorful towels. When everything is set, you'll have a space your children will love to use for their everyday tasks.