Replacing Outdated Glass

Ways To Repair Your Windshield When It's Chipped By A Rock

You're driving down the road and a truck kicks a rock against your windshield. You cringe when you see the pockmark it left behind. You may dread a huge repair bill and inconvenient downtime. Before you panic, assess the situation and understand your option. These are possible fixes for the problem depending on the degree of damage.

Use A Windshield Repair Kit

Unless you have a long crack that makes the car unsafe to drive, go to an auto parts store to buy a windshield repair kit. Read the instructions thoroughly to determine if it is a good match for the type of damage you have. Also, talk to the staff about the size of the chip and if the product is a good fix. You want to make sure you make the right choice when you go DIY because you probably won't be able to reverse any mistakes you make. Another thing to consider is that a kit may not make the chip invisible. It bonds it to keep it from spreading, but there may still be an imperfection on the glass that might bother you if it is in your line of vision as you drive.

To use one of these kits, you place a syringe in the crack that pulls out air as it injects the filler. The filler is clear, so it is as invisible as possible. Instructions may vary by kit manufacturer, so be sure to read and follow the label to get optimal results.

Get Professional Auto Glass Repair

If the chip is in your sight all the time as you drive or if it is large enough to make you feel uneasy about repairing it yourself, then call an auto glass repair  service. They may come wherever you are and repair it on the spot if possible. Even an auto glass service can't repair chips and cracks that are too big. If your damage can be repaired, the process is very similar to using a kit. The difference is that it is done by an expert with the skill and tools needed to get the best results.

Have The Glass Replaced

If the chip radiates cracks or if the chip is a big one, then the windshield will need to be replaced. The repair company might have one stocked on their van or truck so the work can be done right away. If money is a problem, don't forget to call your insurance agent to see if your insurance covers windshield repair or replacement. If so, the repair company may bill them directly and you won't even have to pay for anything out of pocket. Just think twice about delaying the work because you are too busy. The crack could spread and then you wouldn't be protected in a crash. Also, driving with a damaged windshield is against the law in many places. If you get caught driving with a bad crack, you could end up with even more problems than you already have.