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What Luxury Real Estate Items Are Worth Paying For?

When the exact perfect buyer finds their exact perfect home, there's often nothing that can talk them out of paying the price tag, whatever it may be. But if you are a savvy real estate buyer, you will also want to make sure the luxury features you buy in a home will also be attractive to the buyer who comes after you. Here is a list of things that is, universally, worth paying for in luxury real estate.

Great Views

If you live near a major attraction but have no view or an obstructed view, you are missing out on a potential selling point of your home, while still probably paying the price for elevated real estate costs. When you find a property that you love that also has a great view, that is a win-win.


Location matters a great deal. The time spent commuting to interesting city points or natural attractions will be of a direct cost to you. If a home is 30 minutes closer to where you work or play, that's an hour of your day saved-- an amount of lost time that can be quite valuable to high-earners.

Convenient Amenities

The more you can accomplish directly within your housing unit, the better. It pays to factor in the availability of golf courses, gyms, swimming pools, and other features you will use. Access to community meeting or party spaces is valuable, too, since those spaces can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per day to rent on their own.


The levels of light are something that will be hard to change, especially if you are in a building that requires you to keep a uniform facade with the rest of the building's tenants. So, whenever you are viewing a property, be sure to imagine how much light the place will get at various times of the day. Light can affect so many things, from productivity to well-being. Along with the need for good lighting, there comes the issues of windows; the bigger, the better, in most cases. Just make sure that floor to ceiling window is of a high quality and is installed correctly because a poorly-done large window will cost you a small fortune with the amount of heat you'll lose in the winter.

Glass Finishes

While some finishes come in and out of style, glass is one that stays. Invest in glass shower enclosures, nice windows, glass tables and cabinetry, and glass fencing for pools.

One-of-a-Kind Charm

Finally, the selling point for many properties is that they have something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Whether that be an architectural detail or a novelty feature, make sure your property has it.