Replacing Outdated Glass

Why You Should Have The Chip In Your Windshield Repaired

If you've noticed a tiny chip in your windshield, you may be wondering if you need to get it fixed. If it isn't in your line of view, it may not seem more than an annoying cosmetic issue. However, even if the chip is a small one, you should have it repaired because the stability of the glass might be affected. Here's why you should have the chip repaired and how you can do it.

Cracks May Spread From The Chip

A small chip seems innocent enough, but when you hit a speed bump or railroad tracks, the jarring vibration could be enough to cause cracks to radiate out from the chip. Even a sudden temperature change such as a cool rain on a hot summer day could be enough to create cracks along the chip. If the crack spreads into your field of vision, it could distract you while driving. If the crack is bad enough, you may have to replace the windshield rather pay for less expensive repairs.

The Glass May Fail In An Accident

While it's possible you could drive for a long time without any trouble from the chip in your windshield, it's also possible the glass might fail under just the right circumstances. If the damaged area continues to grow larger, the glass might fail if you're in an accident. This could increase your risk of injury from the glass pellets or the roof of the car caving in. You need strong and stable glass in the windshield as a form of protection during an accident. When the glass is damaged, it is at risk of being weak and unable to offer as much protection as you need.

The Repair Process Is Easier And Cheaper Than Replacement

Some chips can be repaired, which will save you from having to put in a new windshield. This will also save you money, which means you may not have to file a claim with your insurance company. Filling in a chip involves using a clear filler and smoothing off the surface so the filler becomes invisible. Repairs don't always make the chip disappear entirely. You may still be able to see an area of imperfection in the glass. Your glass repair specialist will help you decide if repairs are a good option when compared to completely replacing the glass.

You can also buy a glass repair kit from an auto parts store and seal the chip yourself. However, the chances of the chip still being visible are even greater when you do the repairs yourself. Once you've filled the crack, the process can't be undone, so if you mess up or if you don't like the way the results look, your option is to have the glass replaced.

If the chip has cracks spreading across the glass or if it is near the edge of the windshield, the entire glass may need to be replaced. Replacing the glass ensures the windshield is stable and that there will be no imperfections to bother you when you drive. An auto glass repair specialist can usually come to your office or home and make repairs or replace the glass without you having to take your car to the shop. This makes getting repairs easy and convenient so you don't have to risk driving your car with a compromised windshield. Visit a sitelike for more help.