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Are Impact Windows Or Hurricane Shutters Right For Your Home?

Every year, homeowners who live in areas that are in the usual pathways for hurricanes are faced with finding ways to protect their homes. For many people, the chose comes down to installing impact windows or hurricane shutters. If you are unsure which is right for your home, here is what you need to know.

Why Use Impact Windows?

Impact windows, or hurricane windows, have several advantages, including being able to withstand high winds. The windows are specially designed to resist damage without the need for any additional protection. Not only are they wind-resistant, but also resistant to pressure and corrosion.

The windows also give you a chance to monitor the conditions outdoors during a hurricane. Without this ability, you and your family could be forced to ride out the weather event in the dark and without a real idea of what is happening outdoors.

If you plan to sell your home in the future, investing in hurricane windows could help with increasing the resale value. Many homebuyers know the importance of having the windows and are willing to factor in the expense when making an offer on your home.

Hurricane windows also complement your home. The windows can be found in a range of styles and colors that can fit with most architectural styles. They even block ultraviolet rays, which allows you to leave your curtains or blinds open without fear that the rays will harm your furnishings.

Why About Hurricane Shutters?

One of the main appeals of hurricane shutters is that they are a less expensive option of protecting the home. The shutters are easily installed, which means that the installation costs are far less than they would be with impact windows.

However, hurricane shutters are not as resistant to wind as the impact windows are. The shutters can still allow some air in, which could possibly result in windows being broken. There is also the possibility that the shutters could be ripped from the home by a strong wind.

The shutters also leave you and your family in the dark during a hurricane. You cannot open them until you are sure the danger has passed, and this could mean taking a risk by opening a door or shutter to assess the weather conditions.

To learn further about the differences between impact windows and hurricane shutters, talk to a contractor or dealer, such as from A Christian Glass & Mirror, who specializes in helping homeowners prepare for hurricanes.