Replacing Outdated Glass

Signs Of A Drafty Window

Air leaks and drafts around windows are a common cause of high winter heating bills and perennially cold rooms. Knowing the signs of a draft is key to deciding whether it is time for window glass replacement in your home.

Sign #1: You can feel, "see," or "hear" the air

One of the most obvious signs of a draft is when you pick up on air movement with your senses. This may be as simple as feeling the wind come in around the window. Or, perhaps you see the draft because it causes drapes to sway or a nearby candle flame to flicker. Hearing howling around the window frame is another sign that you have an energy-sucking draft. Rattling windows are another sign of a draft. You can wet a finger and move it around the window on a breezy day to feel for drafts if you aren't sure if they are present.

Sign #2: The window is difficult to open or close

Windows should open smoothly, regardless of the temperature or relative humidity. Wood frames may swell slightly in wet weather, making them a bit stiffer to open, but they shouldn't become fully stuck. If they are becoming stuck, either open or closed, the wood has absorbed moisture. This puts it in danger of rotting, in addition to the air draft problem caused by the warping wood frames. Vinyl and aluminum windows should never become stuck or overly loose in the frames. Sticking windows mean that the frame has become warped or otherwise compromised, which is allowing drafts in and warm air out of your home.

Sign #3: Condensation on or in the glass

Condensation on the glass is the lesser concern. You first need to rule out other causes, such as steam-producing activities inside (cooking, a roaring fire, or the dryer). During times of high relative humidity, condensation on the interior of the window may also occur. Air leaks can make this type of condensation worse, but air leaks are not always the cause of condensation. More alarming is when there is condensation inside the window. This is generally the result of the seal breaking on a multi-pane window. If moisture can get between the panes, then air is also leaking through. Replacement is the best course of action if you want to improve your energy savings.

For more help, contact a glass replacement company in your area. They can help you choose the right windows for your budget and energy needs.