Replacing Outdated Glass

3 Tips To Hurricane-Proof Your House

Have you recently purchased a home in a location where hurricanes or other types of storms with strong winds are commonplace? Are you hoping to update the house so that it lasts through any future hurricanes or storms that might come through? Although there is no guarantee that any single update or renovation will prevent any and all damage, there are definitely things you can do that can at least help you to avoid at least some of the damage and destruction that might cause issues for your neighbors. Some of the most important things you can do include:

Install new windows: While you are supposed to affix storm shutters or boards over your windows before a hurricane or other strong storm, you should not necessarily rely on these things. They do help but if they are damaged then you'll still wind up with a lot of broken glass and other damage to clean up. Impact resistant windows add another layer of protection to your home. These are made with layers of glass sandwiched between layers of strong plastic sheets. Although impact resistant windows can still shatter if struck by a branch or other large pieces of debris, the plastic layers will hold the glass in place, keeping the storm as a whole out of your home.

Reinforce garage door: Just as you want impact resistant windows to keep the storm out of your main house, you want stronger garage doors to keep the storm out of that area. Although you might think that you don't have to worry about the garage because you don't store anything important there, this is not the case. Strong winds entering the garage, combined with the strong winds blowing across the top of your home, can cause your roof to lift due to physics similar to an airplane taking off. Stronger garage doors will help keep the winds out and the roof on your home.

Trim your trees: If you live in an area with strong storms, it's absolutely essential that you have a professional trim your trees at least once a year. Properly maintained trees are going to be healthier and better able to sustain high winds without serious damage. The tree trimming professional will also make sure to remove larger dead limbs that could come off during a storm and cause damage to your impact resistant windows or even to the actual walls of your home.

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