Replacing Outdated Glass

Picking Out New Bathroom Fixtures? 3 Reasons To Choose A Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

In the average American home, the bathroom is often the room that receives the most use by family members. In fact, according to a popular infographic, men, on average, spend more than 855 days of their lifetime in the bathroom, while women average slightly less, at just over 770 days. With this level of traffic, it is no wonder that a home's bathroom will need a periodic renovation to remove signs of wear and tear and freshen the space. If you are a homeowner preparing to update your home's bathroom and wondering what to include in the project, the following three reasons just might convince you to include a frameless glass shower in your list of improvements for the space. 

A frameless glass shower can make a small bathroom feel larger 

Bathrooms that are small can present many design challenges. By choosing to replace a standard fiberglass, molded, or tile shower enclosure with a frameless glass one, homeowners are helping to eliminate visual obstructions that stop the eye from traveling around the space. With clear glass panels and no frames, the shower area will seem to blend into the bathroom space, making it seem much larger and more open. 

A frameless glass shower can brighten a dark bathroom

Many of the same reasons that allow a frameless glass shower to create a pleasing illusion of more space will also help to brighten a bathroom that feels dark and dreary. This is because light can easily pass through the glass panels, dispelling shadows, and making the entire room brighter and more evenly lit. 

A frameless glass shower can make your home more marketable

Attractive, well-designed bathrooms are high on the list of must-haves for today's home buyers. Additionally, buyers are also looking for the most modern touches and conveniences, and frameless glass showers are an upgrade most will be excited to find. 

When considering the installation of a frameless glass shower, however, it is important to remember that they can be tricky to install and are usually not a good DIY project. This is because they are designed to be supported by a series of hidden fittings and joints that must align perfectly to ensure that there will be no leaks and the doors will open and close easily. 

To learn more about frameless glass shower enclosures and how they can change the look of your home's bathroom, contact a reputable glass installer who specializes in glass shower installations and repairs.