Replacing Outdated Glass

How Can You Avoid Causing Damages To Your Old Window Glass While Cleaning It?

When you buy new windows for your home these days, the residential glass that is inside of those window frames is much more resilient than the glass that was used in the old days. If you have older windows in your house, there is a good chance that the glass inside of them will be easily scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged when doing seemingly harmless things. This can get extremely frustrating when trying to maintain the integrity of those vintage windows. Here is a quick look at some of the things you can do to avoid damaging the glass in antiquated windows.

Be careful with the tools you use to clean your windows. 

It is best to gently wipe away grime on the window in an up and down motion with a soft microfiber towel. Paper towels can be okay, but some of them can have a more abrasive texture, especially those specifically made for cleaning. Wiping down your windows in a repeated circular motion can also leave ugly marks that you may be tempted to press on harder to wipe away, which could crack a piece of brittle glass. If you have a small squeegee on hand, this can be a good tool for cleaning your windows as well. 

Steer clear of abrasive cleaning solutions. 

Antique glass can have a questionable composition, sometimes making it more prone to acidic etching than modern glass. A gentle solution of vinegar and water or a natural glass cleaning solution is much better for cleaning these older glass pieces. Whatever you use, be sure you spray on a light mist only and use care to ensure the solution does not drip down into the window frame. If it does, grab a highly absorbent soft cotton towel to soak up any residual moisture. 

Watch out for drastic temperature changes. 

Modern window glass is tempered, so it can better withstand changes in temperature and differences between indoor heat and outdoor cold or vice versa. It can be a little difficult to control the temperatures if it is extremely hot or cold outside, but what you can do is use heavier drapes over the windows to prevent the variant air temperature inside the house from being so directly in contact with the glass. Stress fractures caused by major temperature variances are less common, but this is something to watch out for at certain times of the year.