Replacing Outdated Glass

How Rear Auto Glass Reacts To Impact And The Repairs That May Be Needed

The back window glass on your car is made differently than the front windshield, so flying debris or vandals are likely to create a different kind of damage on rear glass. Repairs aren't always possible on a rear auto window, and replacement may be necessary. Here's a look at the type of damage that can occur and how repairs are made.

How Rear Auto Glass Reacts To Impact

A front car windshield is usually made of laminated glass. This means the glass is made of layers that are bonded together with a tough film. The film holds the glass in place so it is strong and won't fall out of the frame easily. The rear window is usually made of tempered glass. This type of glass collapses into many tiny chunks when it's damaged so no shards of glass form and hurl through your car. Damage from an impact can cause the rear window to crumble and make repairs impossible.

Damage Can Also Occur To The Defroster Grid

In addition to glass damage, the defroster grid on the back window can be damaged from an impact. If repairs to the glass are possible, repairing the defroster grid might also be a possibility, depending on the severity of the damage. However, if the glass or grid is damaged beyond repair, then the entire glass needs to be replaced so a new grid can be connected to keep your back glass clear.

How A Damaged Rear Window Is Repaired

Replacing or repairing a damaged rear window can be done in the same way as with a damaged windshield. Mobile repairs are an option so the work can be done at your convenience. Repairs can often be done on the spot, and complete replacements are often possible at a remote location as well. In addition to replacing the glass, there is usually a lot of cleanup required when the back window collapses into hundreds of small crumbles. Vacuuming these out of your car could be included in the repair work. After a new back glass is installed and sealed into place, the defroster grid is hooked up so the window is good as new.

Whether you have the repairs done remotely or take your car to a shop, you shouldn't put off the work because your car is not safe from vandals, rain, or pests when the glass is damaged or missing. Plus back auto glass that is covered or cracked extensively blocks your vision and makes driving more dangerous. For more information, contact local auto glass services