Ways To Repair Your Windshield When It's Chipped By A Rock

You're driving down the road and a truck kicks a rock against your windshield. You cringe when you see the pockmark it left behind. You may dread a huge repair bill and inconvenient downtime. Before you panic, assess the situation and understand your option. These are possible fixes for the problem depending on the degree of damage. Use A Windshield Repair Kit Unless you have a long crack that makes the car unsafe to drive, go to an auto parts store to buy a windshield repair kit. [Read More]

Updating Your Bathroom? 2 Changes To Start With

Updating your bathroom can feel overwhelming, which can make it difficult to even get started. To help you, below are two changes you can start with so you can end up with a bathroom you and your family will love. Shower Doors When it comes to glass shower doors, there are different types of glass you can choose from. There is clear glass, which can give your bathroom a nice, fresh, and open look. [Read More]

Was Your Home Window Smashed Out In A Break In? What To Know

If someone broke into your home by smashing out a window, and you aren't sure what the quickest way to get the problem fixed will be, you want to call a glass installation company. You have to replace the window so you are safe, and to protect the property. Here are a few of the things you want to discuss with the installation professionals when they come to your home to quote the project, and things you want to consider to keep yourself safe. [Read More]

Broken Glass Door Pane? How To Replace It Yourself

Broken glass can happen for a number of different reasons - one of the little ones was playing ball in the house (or too closely outside of the house), a construction accident inside your home, or any number of unexplained accidents. Glass can be replaced, be it glass from a window, or even a door. If you're handy and think you can handle the replacement yourself, follow the directions below to replace a broken glass door pane. [Read More]