DIY Windhsield Tip Repair - The Difficulties Of An At-Home Job

If you notice a small chip in your windshield, then there is a good chance that this chip can be repaired. In general, a chip that is one inch wide and a crack that is about three inches long can be repaired. Also, as long as the entire damage area is less than the size of a dollar bill, then a complete windshield repair may not be needed. In some cases, damage that is larger than a dollar bill can be repaired by a professional. [Read More]

Driving With A Broken Windshield? 4 Life-Threatening Consequences You Should Consider

It's easy to overlook a crack or a chip in your windshield, but if you don't quickly resolve the issue, you could put you and your family at risk. Your car's windshield performs a vital safety role, and even minor glass damage could lead to a serious problem. If you're driving around with a damaged windshield, consider the following disastrous situations that could occur at any time. Vehicle ejection Your car's seat belts perform a vital role if your car suffers a collision, but the windshield provides a valuable second line of defense against ejection during a collision. [Read More]

How Should Your New Windows Open?

While it might seem like a simple thing, the manner in which your windows open can affect how efficient they are, how easy the are to use, and how long they are likely to last. While far from the only factor in these equations, it is one that is worth considering. Here is the breakdown for each item. Maximize Their Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is a concern for many modern homeowners. How well your windows contain heat can have a major impact on your overall energy costs. [Read More]

How To Make Your Windshield Truly Clean And Clear

You can somewhat clean your windshield using glass cleaner and a few paper towels, but to get crystal clear glass without haze or loss of clarity, you will need to perform deep cleaning and scratch removal. Below is a list of what you will need to eliminate deep-seated "micro-debris" and remove scratches, too, as well as a step-by-step procedure to follow: Tools and materials needed Quadruple aught (0000) steel wool pads [Read More]