DIY Windhsield Tip Repair - The Difficulties Of An At-Home Job

If you notice a small chip in your windshield, then there is a good chance that this chip can be repaired. In general, a chip that is one inch wide and a crack that is about three inches long can be repaired. Also, as long as the entire damage area is less than the size of a dollar bill, then a complete windshield repair may not be needed. In some cases, damage that is larger than a dollar bill can be repaired by a professional.

Driving With A Broken Windshield? 4 Life-Threatening Consequences You Should Consider

It's easy to overlook a crack or a chip in your windshield, but if you don't quickly resolve the issue, you could put you and your family at risk. Your car's windshield performs a vital safety role, and even minor glass damage could lead to a serious problem. If you're driving around with a damaged windshield, consider the following disastrous situations that could occur at any time. Vehicle ejection Your car's seat belts perform a vital role if your car suffers a collision, but the windshield provides a valuable second line of defense against ejection during a collision.