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5 Things That Will Make The Cracks In Your Glass Worse

When it comes to your home, there are very few things that are as fickle as the glass panes in your windows. Although glass panes in your windows are quite resilient, there are a number of things that will make them crack, "spider web" and splinter. It pays to make one's self aware of these phenomena. Another thing that you should make yourself aware of is not simply the potential causes of cracks in your windows, but things that will make them worse. There are a number of external factors that will make the cracks in your window glass worse if it is not repaired quickly.

Hot Weather

Although cold weather is generally considered a bigger culprit when it comes to making cracked glass worse, hot weather can be just as bad. Heat and UV rays from the sun that are generally associated with hot weather can worsen your glass situation by expanding the surface of the glass. As your glass cracks, heat will cause the surface to widen, which means that the crack will grow and grow until the glass will not be able to stand to hold itself together any longer and simply break.

Cold Weather

Just as hot weather can cause the conditions of cracked glass to worsen, so can cold weather. Cold weather operates under the exact opposite rubric that hot weather insists upon. Rather than expanding the surface of the glass, cold weather serves to contract the surface of glass, causing it to "cave in" upon itself. This can cause a number of phenomena to occur, including breakage. Most commonly, however, you will find that your glass will "spider web" due to the presence of cold weather. This is a phenomenon where the glass breakage becomes more extensive.


The name of the game when it comes to the state of a glass break getting worse is expansion and contraction. When it comes to expanding and contracting, no phenomenon does it better than moisture. After a rain or during humid seasons, moisture can easily seep into a cracked window and serve to expand and contract the crack. This will cause the growth of the crack to not only accelerate, but to be worse and grow larger than it had the potential to before moisture came into the picture. Make sure you keep a cracked area adequately dry.


Make sure that your windowpanes are clean. What happens with dirt that makes the cracks in your window grow larger is that the debris particles will make their home in the chasms between the breakage. When they settle in and make their home, they cause a bit of stress on either side of the pane. This will cause your window crack's growth rate to accelerate. It is highly recommended that you spray down cracks with water and then sufficiently dry it off so that moisture does not become an issue in dirt's stead.


Stress that is placed upon the glass pane window can cause the break to accelerate its growth or, in many cases, simply break. Whenever a pane experiences a break, it also loses its center of gravity. As such, this means that any weight placed upon the pane can usually not be adequately handled. This is why stress or any load bearings placed upon a window pane that is cracked can make the situation worse or can simply cause the window to break.

When it comes to home maintenance, if you see a cracked window, make sure to fix it right away by contacting window repair companies and visiting websites like Also, make sure it is not subjected to the phenomenon listed here.