Replacing Outdated Glass

Using A Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

The type of shower enclosure that is in your home is an important factor for determining your comfort while bathing and showering as well as influencing the aesthetics of the home. While glass shower enclosures can dramatically improve the look and functionality of the bathroom, they may not always be an option that homeowners seriously consider as a result of being inexperienced with owning this type of shower door.

Will It Be Easy To Break A Glass Shower Door?

Concerns about a glass shower door being easy to break can be an issue that drives some homeowners away from considering this as an option. However, the glass that is used in the construction of the shower door will be made of specially treated glass that is designed to be resistant to impacts. Furthermore, in the unusual chance that the glass breaks, it is designed to shatter into dull pieces that will pose less of a risk of causing lacerations.

Are Glass Shower Doors Difficult To Clean?

The shower and bath can be one of the more difficult parts of the home to keep clean. This is due to the amount of soap scum and other materials that can accumulate from people showering and bathing. Fortunately, glass shower doors can be among the easiest enclosures to keep clean. Using a bathroom glass cleaner will make it easy to remove the debris and residue that have gathered on the shower door. Ideally, you should clean the shower door every week or two so that these substances are removed before they become stuck onto the surface of the glass, as this will make it harder to scrub these substances off.

Can A Glass Shower Door Be Made More Private?

Privacy concerns can be another reason for individuals to be concerned about opting for a glass shower door installation. To make a glass shower door more private, it is possible to make the glass more opaque. This will still allow light to enter through the glass door, but it will be a more private option. It is also possible to opt for a design or other aesthetic improvement to be added to the glass door that will also be able to improve the privacy of the person showering. Additionally, some of these door frames are designed to be able to accommodate a shower curtain on the interior side, which can provide individuals with the highest degree of privacy while enjoying the benefits of having a glass shower door.

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