Replacing Outdated Glass

Updating Your Bathroom? 2 Changes To Start With

Updating your bathroom can feel overwhelming, which can make it difficult to even get started. To help you, below are two changes you can start with so you can end up with a bathroom you and your family will love.

Shower Doors

When it comes to glass shower doors, there are different types of glass you can choose from. There is clear glass, which can give your bathroom a nice, fresh, and open look. Clear glass can also help make a small bathroom look larger. If you do not want clear class, you can choose etched glass and there are different designs available. You could also have your name etched on the glass, such as your initials.

Frosted shower doors are also available. These doors work well if you want more privacy while you are in the shower. Rain glass is another option. This type of glass looks like rain is falling down the door, which gives the shower door a decorative, unique look. Only the outside of the glass is patterned so the inside is sooth to make for better cleaning. This glass hides things like minor stains, finger prints and water marks. Talk with a shower door installer who can give you much more information to help you decide what you would like best for your bathroom.


Another way to remodel your bathroom is to change your sink. This will make a big difference if what you currently have is old. Some types you can choose from include:

  • Pedestal sink: You will also hear a pedestal sink called a free-standing sink. It works great if you have a small bathroom. You can find pedestal sinks in many designs so should have no problem finding one that will fit well in your bathroom.
  • Wall mount: A wall mount sink also saves space and it looks great as well. You do have to more careful if you choose this type of sink, however, because any kind of impact or forcible thrust can damage it.
  • Under-mount: Under-mount sinks are contemporary and classy. You do have to have enough room in your bathroom for this type of sink, however. You also have to use a hard countertop, such as marble or granite.

If you are planning to hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom for you, they can give you many tips on ways you can design it. For more information about renovating your bathroom, contact a business such as Master Glass & Mirror LLC.