Replacing Outdated Glass

Tips For Replacing Broken Double-Pane Window Glass

If one of your teenagers hit a ball into one of your home's double-paned windows and broke the glass, then you will be happy to learn you can easily replace it. While replacing a window glass insert is a simple project, it does require two people. Since you need a helper, your teenager's punishment can be to help you fix the broken window. 

When replacing a double-pane window's glass insert, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Always Measure Both the Existing Glass and Replacement Insert Before Removing the Broken Glass

Before you ever remove the broken glass, you should always measure both the old glass insert and the new one just to make sure the replacement is the correct size. This is an important step because the last thing you want to do is open up your home and then discover the new glass is the wrong size and the correct glass must be special ordered. 

Tip: Use a Wide Chisel Not a Screwdriver to Remove the Glazing Stops

Before you can remove the broken glass pane, first you need to remove the glazing stops on the inside and outside of the window. The glazing stops are the strips of wood, plastic, or metal installed just over the glazing where the glass comes into contact with the window frame. The best tool to use to remove the glazing stops is a wide chisel. If you use the thinner blade of a screwdriver, then it could damage the glazing stops. The wide, flat surface of a chisel is the safer choice. 

Tip: Use a Utility Knife Not an Exacto Knife to Cut Out the Glass Pane's Glazing

To remove the broken glass pane, you need to cut out all of the glazing material around the glass insert. While you may be tempted to use an Exacto knife, the better tool to use is a utility knife. The glazing area of your window is likely going to be too thin for an Exacto knife's shorter blade to cut through.

Tip: Don't Attempt to Replace Broken Window Panes Alone

Since your teen broke the window, you should consider enlisting them in helping you put in the new glass insert. You cannot safely remove or replace window glass alone because the glass can always fall out of the opposite side of the frame where you can't reach it. 

Tip: Place the New Glass Insert into the Window Frame Oriented in the Right Direction

Finally, your window's new glass insert has one side that was manufactured to go inside of your home and one side made to go outside. The glass is typically thicker on the outside surface and thinner on the inside surface. For this reason, you need to read all of the stickers on the new glass and make sure you install it in the correct direction.

Contact a glass repair shop for more information and assistance.