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Starting a New Handyman Business? 4 Van Accessories to Add to Your Arsenal

As a handyman, you can be your own boss and you can create your own working schedule. However, you'll need certain accessories to be prepared for any job. Here are a few van accessories you can invest in to optimize your efficiency, production levels, and profit margins overall:

A Glass Truck Rack

One of the most important accessories to consider investing in for your handyman van is a glass truck rack. It can installed on either or both sides of your van depending on how many tools and supplies you will need to carry with you for any given job that you undertake. Glass truck racks can be used to store everything from ladders and power tools to gardening supplies and tubs of nails so the inside of your truck stays clutter-free. Just use chain and padlocks to secure your belongings in place while you're on the road.

A Portable Tool Chest

Storing a small portable tool chest in your handyman van will allow you to customize your tool selection to carry around and keep by your side when completing specific jobs. You can leave anything that's not needed behind in the van, ensuring the lightest carry load possible while you're working. And by being able to carry a small tool chest around, you'll avoid having to go and back and forth to your van every time you need a new tool or accessory.

Magnetic Signs

An excellent way to promote your new handyman business and grow your clientele list is to buy some magnetic signs to adhere to the doors of your van. They can be put on and taken off at will, and are sure to increase brand recognition throughout your community.

The more people see your signs as you drive by, the more familiar they'll become with your business and the more likely they'll be to call upon your services when they need some handyman work done. Just have your business name, phone number, and maybe a logo of slogan printed on two magnetic signs and slap them on your van for instantaneous advertising.

Mountable Shelves

Mounting utility shelves to the walls inside your van will help you keep anything you store inside organized and off the floor so you can move around inside while working. You can even use one or two of the shelves as work space for small projects when the weather is bad outside. Screw brackets onto the walls inside your van, then connect the shelves to the brackets so they won't tilt or fall over when you drive.  

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