Replacing Outdated Glass

Reasons To Replace Your Old Aluminum Windows With New Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows

If you've been living with old aluminum windows for years, you know how inefficient they are. Part of the problem is that old windows often used single-pane glass. Another problem is that aluminum transfers heat easily, and energy-efficient windows, like vinyl windows, block heat transfer. Here's why you should consider replacing your old aluminum windows with new windows made of vinyl.

Vinyl Windows Have Better Insulation 

Vinyl windows have an inner core that insulates against heat transfer. This keeps hot air outside in the summer and warm air inside during the winter. The windows have the same temperature feel as the room inside. Compare that to aluminum windows that often feel cold to the touch in winter or warm to the touch in the summer.

In addition to vinyl frames having improved insulation, the glass in new windows is usually insulated better too. This is possible by using double or triple panes with gas or air between the layers of glass that blocks heat transfer.

The improved insulation provided by vinyl frames and double-pane glass could result in lower power bills. You may also feel more comfortable when sitting or sleeping next to the windows when temperatures are hot or cold outside.

Vinyl Windows May Hold Their Appearance Better

Both vinyl and aluminum windows need little maintenance. All that vinyl usually requires is washing. If the vinyl happens to be scratched, the scratch becomes invisible since the color of the frame goes all the way through the material. Aluminum windows might need more work. Besides needing to be cleaned, you may have to touch up paint from scratches, and if you paint them, then you'll need to repaint every few years.

Plus, aluminum can dent easily, and it can chip and pit. While the problems with aluminum frames usually aren't severe, they could affect the overall appearance of your windows as they age.

Vinyl Doesn't Have As Many Problems With Condensation

Because of the way aluminum frames are colder or warmer than the air in your home due to poor control of heat transfer, the windows are at a higher risk of condensation. If this becomes a frequent problem, corrosion and pitting could occur quicker and the wood parts of the frame could begin to rot or mold. This is much less of a problem with new vinyl windows since the windows and glass have a temperature much closer to the temperature inside your home.

Vinyl windows could be the right choice for your home when you need to replace your old windows. You could opt for new aluminum windows, but when you consider the benefits of vinyl, you might want to switch so you can enjoy windows that are nearly maintenance free while being more energy efficient.